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Architect & Interior Designer in Utrecht needed?

architect utrecht
Architect utrecht

We are Standard Studio, architect & interior designer active in Utrecht. Standard Studio specializes in funky office spaces and vibrant retail spaces everybody wants to be in! We have everything you need for your project. Did you just bought your dream apartment in Utrecht that needs a thorough renovation? Our studio is here to help! We have a lot of experience with renovating and restoring houses in and around Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Utrecht. We always aim to make small museums out of the projects we design.

Renovating your own house in Utrecht gives you the opportunity to customize every square meter to your own way of living. And that is what makes you and your place special! Standard Studio can help you make plans for your refurbishment or any other design work needed to get the job done. So are you looking for someone who helps you create a unique place, custom-made around you and your family? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and see what we can do to make your life better and more beautiful!

-“Don’t forget that you will be looking at your interior quite some years to come… Being proud of the interior design every morning gives you the right energy and mood for a successful day!”-

We believe that life is too short to be around boring interiors… A proper interior design does not have to be expensive! This is a big mistake made by most people who are considering hiring an interior designer or architect for their project. It is all about how you will spend your money!

Allocating a budget for a design brings structure and logic to a project and has a lot of influence on efficiency and quality and thus the costs. Also communicating with different stakeholders in a construction team will be way easier because a drawing is a universal language spoken and understood by almost anybody that is around at a construction site. Do you want to know how we can help you with your project? Contact us now and tell us about your big plans!

Are you looking for information on historic architecture and interior design in Amsterdam follow the link!

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