Majanggracht modern family canalhouse

For a young family in Amsterdam, living on the beautiful KNSM island Standard Studio designed a new interior for their home.  It consists out of three floors, the middle floor is equipped with the kitchen  the wish to bring the kitchen down and let it be the main space of the house required some interior space planning.  

To create an open living kitchen space, we extended the main floor to the front window, originally designed as a split-level floor. Since the front door remains on the lower level, we designed a two-faced cabinet. On one side, it functions as a wardrobe, while the other side accommodates a TV and additional storage. This, along with a raised podium, establishes a cozy nook with a welcoming view of the canal.

At the center of this floor is the ArcLinea kitchen, featuring a matte black surface integrated into a larger black volume, which also houses a toilet. The volume is adorned with a Shou Sugi Ban wood finish by Hakwood, creating a juxtaposition of the natural appearance of wood against the matte simplicity of the kitchen.

The house’s playful design incorporates split-level layouts and spacious voids. Due to a previous modification, there was an 8m void above the kitchen island without a connection to other floors. We utilized this space to create two vertically stacked bedrooms, connected by a new wooden staircase. The lower level now includes a toilet and bathroom. The former dining room has been transformed into a home office, achieved by introducing steel doors and windows that open up to the living room.


Address: Majanggracht, Amsterdam
Client: Private residence
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2016
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 150 m2
Contractor: –
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: –
Photography: –

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