What is a design special?

Design specials are unique and Taylor-made spaces like a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. It can also be an object like an art piece in a room. They are given the ‘design special’ label because they have something very unique and it is worth sharing with the rest of the world. Design specials can be big or small or very very tiny, size does not matter, it is its uniqueness that determines how special it is. Usually, they are tailor-made to a client’s request.

Where can I find a design special?

In every project we have designed you will find one. These are spaces or objects that are designed for a specific wish of our client, as an outcome of a series of logic variables or… just because it is superfunky and cool. The specials are tailor made and sometimes not liked by everybody. But that is exactly what it is supposed tot do: make every project unique, because every client is unique. Check out our design specials below.

bathroom specials


kitchen specials

view of the funky kitchen of an urban loft in Amsterdam By Standard Studio

bedroom specials

Steve Bikoplein Amsterdam by Standard Studio
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