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Thank you for your interest in Standard Studio.  In this introduction you find information about how we would approach your upcoming project, whether it is the refurbishment of your newly bought house, a unique workspace, a funky restaurant, or even a product, we can help you design your dream.  It is all about the inner drive to leave your mark on the world.  

Entrance of apartment building for students in Rotterdam

Standard Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Amsterdam.  Our team consists of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and stylists specialized in branded environments, funky office spaces, and contemporary dream homes. We have everything you need in a design process right at your doorstep. Standard Studio loves fusion and making new connections. We work with various specialists specifically selected for each project. This allows us to create bigger teams on large projects or smaller hands-on teams on small projects. This way we can offer intense client contact and detailed project supervision both in The Netherlands and abroad. We have a special love for new technologies and innovation.  We just love to incorporate them into our designs. Everybody should question the ordinary: ‘Why do we do what we do in the way we do?” We want to break free from ‘standards’ in architecture, interior, and product design so that new forms and concepts have free space to develop and create new ’things’We embrace a modern, globally-oriented philosophy of design, and like to work with high-quality materials and include storytelling objects.

At Standard Studio you won’t find a time-consuming and boring philosophy about architecture and interior design. We only let logic come into play… that’s it!

Every project we do is thoughtfully conceived as a response to the contents of the program, place, and client. We find our conceptual foundation in our client’s dreams, personal tastes, or experiences. Standard Studio thinks that every client, every home, every office space, or coffee bar is unique and deserves a personal approach.
Standard Studio provides a wide variety of services but mainly focuses on architecture, interior design and styling, furniture and lighting, and product design but we like to be challenged in any field of work or discipline. We don’t want to be trendy but aim for a timeless result that reflects the client’s intentions and especially: the client’s dream.

Please feel free to ask us anything that is on your mind… Really anything.


Standard Studio 


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We work with a big network of multidisciplinary creatives on projects of all scales. Our core team consists of:

Wouter Slot | architect / creative director

Torsten Wouters | designer
Tim van Berkel | designer

Tim Oude Lenferink | trainee
Leonardo Binswanger | intern

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