Monumental canal house renovation: RG111 Amsterdam

Reguliersgracht canalhouse

Monumental canalhouse renovation: Reguliersgracht 111, Amsterdam.

On a prime location in Amsterdam Standard Studio was asked to deliver a plan for a full monumental canalhouse renovation of a 300m2+ canalhouse on the Reguliersgracht 111. The canal-house is part of a bigger plan: the Reguliersschool that was designed by architect Bastiaan de Greef. Reguliersgracht 111 was the directors house of the school and was home to multiple teachers throughout the years until 1926 when the building was occupied by the ‘Zedenpolitie’ (Vice squad). In 1941 they moved to another location at the Elandsgracht.


During the second world war Wim van Norden lived here and he started an illegal newspaper during the war. This was extremely dangerous and could have cost many lives of the  underground Amsterdam resistance team. After the second world war the Parool continued to bring the news to Amsterdam every day. The Parool is still the main newspaper in Amsterdam.

Gateway to heaven

Now in 2020 the house is designed to get you in a relaxt and easy mood. When you are inside you will almost forget that you are in a very busy area of Amsterdam. The entrance is almost feels like a gateway to heaven, opening up into a bright and light main hall. The main hall plays a central role in the whole experience of the house. It connects everything with a blast of brightness that seeps into all the adjacent spaces.

Unique size garden

From the main hall the light guides you to the great livingroom. The big dining table that can hold over 10 persons imediatly attracts your eye. Combined with the pendant lights and art pieces on the wall it makes the perfect image. The lazy evening living-room has a very modern fireplace build out of carefully crafted pieces of natural stone. The seating area is facing the garden that has a size that is quite unique for Amsterdam city houses. 

Perfect orientation

Behind the livingroom you enter the kitchen. A big backwall with utilities and cabinets is facing the kitchen island. In this way the Masterchef has the perfect orientation towards the audience, being able to see all the spaces on the ground floor you have the perfect overview of the whole house. To the right a gardenroom is added to the ground floor. A place that has an enourmous amount of daylight because of the big glass parts. You have the feeling of being outside while you are inside. It functions as a courtyard with a big loungy couch and view over the garden.


Address: Reguliersgracht, Amsterdam
Client: Private residence
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2020
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 300 m2+
Contractor: Bouwcombi Volendam
Project manager: Innovat projecten
Interior fit-out: Job Interieurbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

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