Architect & Interior Designer Haarlem – Standard Studio

Are you looking for an Architect or Interior Designer in Haarlem? Look no further!

We are Standard Studio, Architects & Interior Designers working in and around Haarlem.

Did you just buy your dream apartment in Haarlem that needs a thorough renovation? We are here to help! We have a lot of experience with renovating and restoring houses in and around Haarlem, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. We love to make small museums out of the interiors we design. We believe that (re) building your own house gives you the opportunity to customize every square meter to your own way of living. And that is what makes you and your house special!

When you start a project like renovating an old house or apartment, it is wise to plan your project upfront. To do that you need project planning. A project planning is always built up in phases. These are in-between milestones that provide structure and something to work towards.

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