NEMO science museum restaurant

NEMO science museum restaurant

NEMO Science Museum, a museum which focuses on children and science, is an absolute must-see when you visit Amsterdam. With around 500,000 visitors per year, it is one of the most popular museums in the capital city. The enormous building which is located near the central station, was designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano and the entire 5th floor has been covered with a new extension that is largely made of glass. The glass provides a fantastic view and a new, open connection to the roof. A brand new exhibition has also recently been opened on the roof. 

In 2014, a pitch was drawn up by Nemo to develop a modern hospitality concept for the new restaurant on the 5th floor. Standard Studio started work with KOR-business and ultimately won the pitch. The restaurant’s design for the new museum restaurant and menu are geared towards children and their parents who, after a day at the museum, want to let off steam with a good lunch, snack and refreshing glass of juice. On the second floor Standard Studio also designed the Foyer museum Cafe.

The spatial concept connects into the museum itself and provides a place to discover things. Dividing up the large space has led to the creation of various small corners, all of which draw the visitors’ interest and all of which offer something new to discover. The restaurant is set up so that routing is scalable and can accommodate peaks and troughs.

Central to the design, is the relationship between the roof area and the museum. The glass extension, designed by Renzo Piano, offers the visitor an unforgettable view out over the city of Amsterdam. The use of greenery in the design has also created a strong relationship with the roof area and the addition of various sustainable materials further adds to the experience.

The entire 5th floor covers around 1,100m2 and also offers a space that can be rented by companies and groups as a fantastic venue for seminars and other events. The stairs that wind their way through the whole museum lead you to the centre of the space. The stairs are surrounded by a steel framework which incorporates a great deal of greenery, dividing the big open space into a range of seating areas. The restaurant also offers calm spaces and an interesting view. 

The restaurant includes a fresh counter where customers can buy delicious, fresh products. The counter itself is built with the D-tile system which has been used to create playful height differences. The tile system is particularly suited to the use of crushed ice trays, chilled and heated plates. And as you pass the fresh counter, you can look into the open kitchen where the chefs are preparing the products. The scalability of the counter means that customer peaks and troughs can be accommodated smoothly and that people can keep moving.

A bar that can host various types of customer is located in the new glass area. The bar has 3 levels: a low level for toddlers, a medium section for children and a higher level for parents. The bar serves various fruit juices for kids and a wide range of other drinks for adults. A green wall has been planted up in the new glass extension, which adds to the ‘greenhouse’ feeling. Together with the stunning view, this creates a unique experience and offers a completely new way to round off a day at the museum.

The extension at the Nemo Science Museum is a great new asset for the city of Amsterdam. The new restaurant with the roof terrace, exhibition and breathtaking view is a truly memorable experience for all. 

The NEMO Science Museum is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and it features an on-site restaurant known as “DAK” It was updated in 2021 and has the following unique elements:

  1. Location: The restaurant is situated within the NEMO Science Museum, offering visitors a convenient dining option during their visit to the museum.
  2. Ambiance: The restaurant boasts a modern and stylish interior design, reflecting the innovative and scientific spirit of the museum. With its location on the rooftop of the building, it also offers patrons breathtaking panoramic views of Amsterdam.
  3. Cuisine: Restaurant Elements serves a diverse menu with a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients. The cuisine is contemporary and often showcases dishes with a creative twist.
  4. Sustainability: The restaurant is committed to sustainability and aims to incorporate eco-friendly practices in its operations. This includes using locally sourced produce and reducing its environmental impact.
  5. Outdoor Terrace: One of the highlights of the restaurant is its outdoor terrace. Visitors can enjoy their meals or beverages while taking in the picturesque views of Amsterdam’s cityscape and the nearby waterfront.
  6. Private Events: The restaurant also provides space for private events, such as parties, receptions, and corporate gatherings. It offers a unique setting for special occasions with a scientific and modern ambiance.


Location | 
Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam
Surface | 1100 m2
Design | 2015
Completion | 2016
Photography | Wouter van der Sar

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