Sophie eats

Sophie eats

Located on one of the nicest shopping street in the Rivierenbuurt, Sophie Eats has opened it’s doors. For the design concept, Standard Studio was inspired by authentic deli designs and grocery stores. Together with the character of the original facade and Sophie, the owner, a new interior for the deli and kitchen has been designed. The neighborhood can now enjoy a fresh meal or cup of coffee at Sophie’s deli, but also order delicious catering for an event.

The layout consists of two parts. In the front part, the counter is central where all kinds of fresh meals and salads are richly displayed. The counter is designed as a modern version of an old grocery counter. The front is painted in a color with a Carrara marble inspired top in which cooling elements are included. 

The rear wall is covered with oak in which a flexible shelf system is integrated. This allows the selection of dry goods to be easily displayed in various ways. The back wall also contains the rear counter that offers space for the coffee machine.

For the floor a tiling pattern is the homage to the old deli floors, with a green tiles as an extension to the graphic style of Sophie eats. On the floor there are three separate tables where the customer can take a seat and enjoy the food.

The back part is in the back. Behind a glass facade is the professional catering kitchen located. Here in this “food laboratory” where all meals and salads are prepared for the Dali as wel as all catering for events, provided daily. The kitchen is fully used throughout the day. The rear wall has been given a high-quality warm finish with the Moroccan tiles which together with the vintage industrial lighting fixtures forms an interesting blend of both worlds.

Sophie eats is located next to another project designed by Standard Studio: New Harvest


Address: Maasstraat 88, Amsterdam
Client: Sophie Eats
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2019
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 80 m2
Contractor: Innovat Projecten
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: Roord Binnenbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

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