NEMO science museum Café

NEMO science museum Café

After the successful interior design of the restaurant, bar and event space on the 5th floor of the Nemo Science Museum. Nemo Science Museum is a place where children of all kinds of ages actively can learn about science. Standard Studio was asked to design the restaurant on the 2nd floor called the Café.

The Café is half way in the journey of the museum which starts at the ground floor and ends in the restaurant. The Café is a place where one can escape the busy museum for a moment to enjoy a drink, snack or sandwich.

Standard Studio searched for the ultimate image of taking a break, this is where the idea for two big abstract trees was born.

“the ultimate break is to eat a sandwich underneath a tree, while overlooking the beautiful landscape”

The interior is focussed around two abstract trees made out of solid oak. The branches of the trees are positioned perpendicular to the two concrete columns in the middle of the space. The branches spread out while going up to the ceiling representing a natural canopy in the space. Hanging lights represent fruits in the trees.

The Café space has a double function: during normal days the Café serves the museum visitor and in case of an event the space is used to serve the event guests. For this reason the tables are adjustable in height, and the counter can easily change into a bar so this is suitable for every occasion.


Address: Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam
Client: Nemo Science Museum
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2018
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 250 m2+
Contractor: –
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: Job Interieurbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

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