Mr Marvis office Amsterdam

Mr Marvis officex Amsterdam

Play every day

In mid 2021 Mr Marvis asked Standard Studio to design their office in Amsterdam. The same motto as in the stores had to be implemented in their headquarters, “ play every day”. The building is divided in 4 floors. On the groundfloor you enter via an open lunchroom, a bunch of people are having a coffee. It feels open and inviting. The lunchroom gives the coworkers the freedom to have a small meeting here and leave their desk for a while.

On the ground floor you can relax and interact with your coworkers. There is a kitchen available so you can enjoy a drink before or after work. From the first floor till the fourth floor there are variaties of workspaces, this way the coworkers can easily connect with each other. If you go up you enter the firstoffice floor. Workstations are situated along side the big windows, this provides enough daylight for every working space. Every floor has its own colour. This gives a clear overview of where you are in the building.

An office that’s adjustable for growth for a booming and growing brand as Mr Marvis

We also did other projects in co-operation with Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis project partners:

Address: Huddestraat 3, Amsterdam
Client: Mr Marvis
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2021
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 600 m2+
Stylist: by Florence
Project manager: Maurice van Leeuwen
Lighting design: Lichtstudio Helder
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

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