Marqt Gelderlandplein video

Marqt Gelderlandplein video

The new Marqt Gelderlandplein, designed by Standard Studio. Now open!

Dutch supermarket, Marqt, has opened its fourteenth store in the city of Amsterdam. This time around, interior and architecture firm, Standard Studio, has helped create new concepts which provide a higher quality for the customer. The aim is to bring the farm into the city. Inside of the store, a full sized glass and metal greenhouse, ‘Koelkas’, sustainably stores unpackaged fruits and vegetables at 14 ° C, the optimum temperature. Marqt also hands out free filtered tap water in association with Join the Pipe. With the purchase of a bottle of recycled plastic customers support drinking water projects in developing countries. In addition, to create a more sustainable supermarket, the store itself was made using more than 75 percent second hand materials, which include lighting, fridges, a container and other furniture.


Address: Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam
Client: Marqt
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2015
Assignment: Concept development, Interior design
Size: 960 m2
Contractor: –
Project manager: Den Dekker PM
Video: Mr. Picture
Photography: Standard Studio

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