Kerkstraat xxA

Kerkstraat xxA

Kerkstraat xxA in Amsterdam

Kerkstraat xxA is an industrial loft in Amsterdam, the goal was to keep the floorplan as open as possible to maximise the sense of space. The loft measures 350 sqm including a basement with car elevator that provide access to two parking spots. The challenge was it’s lack of natural daylight compared to the amount of sqm. Our approach was to connect every individual space to either the patio’s or the windows in the front facade. By adding a void, natural daylight also enters the basement making it possible to create a guesthouse. The spaces in the basement are used for a home spa and a walk in closet and garage.


Address: Kerkstraat xxA
Client: Private residence
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2016
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 350 m2
Artist Impressions: 3D Capacity
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: –
Photography: –

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