Windows and doors of steel and glass.

As we all know, trends come and go. Steel windows and doors are one of them, and can be found in many commercial but also residential spaces. They are available in various styles; from floor to ceiling panes which factories had, to the windows found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House. A very modern minimalist look with large panes of glass supported by pencil thin sleek steel frames. The all industrial trend is over maybe, but these steel windows and doors can fit very well in any modern or eclectic interior. They can also be used for outside facades, for patios and sun porches. We have the right contact to make these super nice and detailed custom solutions.

Steel frame windows and doors are also very practical. If a window breaks, you only need to replace a small panel versus an entire sheet as in windows without panes. That is the reason why factories had them, the damage would be minimal and only a panel would need replacement. We used them in two recent projects which both have an industrial character and history: The Vondelpark Loft and the Silodam Warehouse.

We, at Standard Studio, just like them and not just because they bring a hint of nostalgia and edge, but also because they are a great solution for when a homeowner or office places priority on creating a space with multiple functions without losing natural light. Steel walls also allow privacy without sacrificing a sense of space, a room divided by glass still feels spacious whilst a wall wouldn’t accomplish that. Still, even though they mostly look very simple, a good design is key to make it work. Whether you want it very simple or a custom creative solution, a good design is as important as great execution, we can help with both!


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