A green interior.

Nowadays we spend a lot of time indoors, which means that we should take extra care of our interiors so we can have a comfortable environment. An easy and effective way is to incorporate plants. They have a way of adding some dimensions into a room, bring colour and texture,  but most important making any space feel lively and bright.

A large plant can sit in their pot, and be the statement piece whilst other plants can be hoisted up slightly on a small pedestal to add height to a room. They can also create contrast and are great when you have a white canvas, it adds a pop that draws the eye. It’s easy to create your own unique little greenhouse with mixing some of your favourite ones.

Standard Studio has quite a few plants in the studio, and not only for its aesthetics. There are studies which show people in offices who have plants around them can focus better on a task that the ones with a basic wooden desk. Infusing your home or office with green leafy plants helps to make your space feel fresh and inviting, not to mention they help purify the air you breath in.


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