Office Jacob Obrechtstraat

Office Jacob Obrechtstraat

In 2016 Standard Studio moved into a nice bulding at the Jacob Obrechtstraat in Oud-Zuid area of Amsterdam. The officespace was shared with, Modern Vintage a vintage eames and collectables shop. The goods and stock of the shop was a nice ‘canvas’ for the Studio to work in. Also the combination of the furnitureshop and design studio worked well and delivered some nice projects.

In that period the Nemo Science Museum was just finished and was a project that made Standard Studio ‘matter’ in the interior design field. The studio was giving the right vibe to grow and mature as a design studio. In 2018 it was time to move again…


Address: Jacob Obrechtstraat, Amsterdam
Client: Standard Studio
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2015
Assignment: Interior design
Size: –
Contractor: Standard Studio
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: –
Photography: Stan Koolen

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