Mr Marvis – Antwerp

In spring 2022 a new Mr Marvis was added to the collection of physical stores. Located in the Schuttershofstraat, one of the main shopping streets of Antwerp, and houses the big fashion brands.

The shop front is about 8 meters wide and the ceiling is about 4 meters high. The floorplan is T-shaped and oriented with the top towards the main street. The shopfront creates an inviting and open atmosphere toward the street. This way the iconic Mr Marvis shorts are visible through the window.

Once you are  inside you will see two big curved shapes. One is the counter, and the other one is the Mr Marvis wall cabinet that was developed bij Standard Standard Studio,  Mr. Marvis and Roord Interieurbouw
The wall cabinet stretches entirely to the back of the space. In the back of the space, you will find the fitting rooms accompanied by the size sets.

The Antwerp Mr. Marvis Store is designed in such a way that the interior elements don’t attract too much attention. The visuals and the shorts are exactly the opposite of that: bold colors following the rainbow’s color palette.





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