Undisputed store

Undisputed store

In Hilversum a brand store is designed to exhibit the Undisputed lifestyle concept.

The store is designed to be flexible, in the morning a yoga class can take place whilst in the afternoon the store is open to the public. By creating a big interactive LED wall that sits behind a opaque carbonate wall the mood of the space can be changed in a matter of seconds.

A lot of detail is put in the design of specific items such as the coathangers, mirror and movable cabinet. Materials are chosen to reflect the brand identity: Strong but also accessible for anyone.


Address: Leeuwenstraat 42, Hilversum
Client: Undisputed
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2017
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 400 m2+
Contractor: –
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: Roord Binnenbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

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