SLA Amstelveenseweg – salad bar

SLA Amstelveenseweg - salad bar

After the successful launch of the SLA salad bar in 2012, 10 locations opened up in the Netherlands since then. From the 11th location onwards Standard Studio is asked to create a new design for the interior of the future SLA salad bars. The starting point hereby is to create a recognizable flexible design which can be executed at multiple locations and naturally conveys the SLA identity.

In the SLA experience, the ritual of making the salad is the central element of the space. When you choose a salad from the menu or compose it yourself: the salad is always freshly prepared in front of you. After the salad is madeyou can then take it to one of the several seating arrangement in the bar where you can enjoy your salad.

SLA salad bars are always located at central spots within a city. SLA behaves as a place where you can relax while enjoying a salad. For a moment you can escape from the hectic pace of the vibrant city.

Greenhouse shape

The spatial concept of the salad bar is a composition of wooden fins that not only defines the place and shape of the counter but also organizes the entire space. The shape is derived from the greenhouse that was used previous SLA locations. The repetition of the wooden fins form a framework that continues on the floor, it finds its way through a large variety of seating elements. By clearly defining these places, areas are created for quick sitting moments, intimate seating moments as for example 2 person booths, benches where you can easily slide in, a communal table and 4 person tables. The framework creates countless spontaneous views when you are standing and at the same time provides intimacy while seated. The design incorporates a number of characteristic elements from previous locations such as the use of plants and moss, and the design of the table tops.

SLA Amstelveenseweg is also special because it houses a show kitchen which is conceived to serve as a laboratory for the creation of future recipes but also to be able to rent out for cooking workshops. This space can easily be closed through 4 large pivot doors. The office of SLA is located in the back of the new location.


Address: Amstelveenseweg 124, Amsterdam
Client: SLA
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2018
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 250 m2
Contractor: Bouwcombi Volendam
Project manager: –
Interior fit-out: Job Interieurbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

Featured in the press:
AIT magazine
Not a paper house

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