SLA Oude Binnenweg

SLA Oude Binnenweg

After opening 11 branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Utrecht, the expansion to Rotterdam could not be left behind. Standard Studio was asked to design the interior for the location at the Oude Binnenweg which naturally emanates the SLA identity from our previous locations, but also playfully refers to the city of Rotterdam.

The monumental location at the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam is characterized by a high entrance area, and helds a split level floor in the back. The high entrance gave the opportunity to make an impressive salad bar counter with the recognizable spatial wooden framework. In the design we have blend the hard, industrial feel of Rotterdam with the soft and organic natural feel of SLA. In the framework of the salad bar counter, constructive steel crosses were added in galvanized steel. Through these crosses ivy grows downwards which creates a nice contrast between nature and industrial design. Within the structure you will find bespoke suspended lamps designed especially for this project. They are made from old wooden poles out of the port of Rotterdam by Blom & Blom. Small versions of the lamp can be found in front of the window and at various walls.

After the entrance a variety of sitting elements can be found at the lowered part and on the mezzanine floor. On the lower level the characteristic green moss wall with bench seats van be found. Next tot this a high table is here detailed with constructive elements as a nod to the industrial port.

The staircase leading to the mezzanine floor has balustrades made of galvanized industrial grilles which are normally used for industrial applications. The grilles are finished with an oak wooden railing. The mezzanine is arranged to be inviting to a longer stay with a communal table where you can read a newspaper or magazine. The pendant is the Giant Copperhead also designed by Blom & Blom.

In the rear of the mezzanine floor were originally windows from which we were able to bring back 1. However, because the view makes no nice view but the daylight is desirable, we have designed a modern translation of a stained glass window. The window consists out of bright, different types of glass so that good daylight can enter. In front of the window we have designed a lounge sofa with a low seat which invites you to quietly enjoy your salad or a cup of coffee.


Address: Oude Binnenweg 150, Rotterdam
Client: SLA
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2018
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 100 m2+
Contractor: Bouwcombi Volendam
Lighting: Blom & Blom
Interior fit-out: Job Interieurbouw
Photography: Wouter van der Sar

Printed press:
Bob magazine

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