Petit by Sam

Petite by Sam

Gluten-free artisanal pastries

Petit by Sam is the pastry shop you’ve been waiting for. The pastry shop is specialized in gluten-free artisanal pastries and a great go to specialty coffee place. Standard Studio has completely designed the Scandinavian influenced interior for the shop. The shop is designed with the aim to put the product and process as the central focus point. This resulted in the design of a large nicely detailled counter where the whole process can be followed in full effect.


Petit by Sam is founded in 2019 and opened its first store in the middle of the center of Amsterdam on the Vijzelstraat with great success. Sam, the founder does not tolerate ordinary sugars anymore since she became ill some time ago.  After this happened, she started thinking about how the ingredients were affecting her body. For the most part, baking consists of “traditional” ingredients, such as butter, white sugar and white flour. Sam started to experiment with alternatives, hoping to find ingredients that have nutritional benefits on top of being delicious. This ended up in a wide variety of recipes that are on the menu of Petit.


Based on the process and the delicious treats, Standard Studio designed a counter that shows the whole process from the beginning to the end. The counter is made from stained oak, brass and has a marble countertop. The counter catches your eyes while you pass by and the smell of freshly baked cake is irresistible.

The compactness of the space adds to the look & feel of the shop. You really have the feeling that you are sitting in the kitchen. To the back a small seating arrangement is made out of  oak furniture which allows you to also taste and enjoy the sweets and great coffee in the store. Once seated you can peek at the artisanal baking process with a great view on the kitchen part.

The branding part of the store is elegantly displayed in the front of the store  with a great logo, designed by Oh Yes studio. The studio with which Standard Studio have collaborated successfully for several times now on the logo and graphic design for a brand. 


Address: Vijzelstraat 93, Amsterdam
Client: Petit by Sam
Design: Standard Studio
Completion: 2019
Assignment: Interior design
Size: 45 m2
Logo & Print Design: Jesse Nolte (OH YES!)
Project management: Innovat Projecten
Interior fit-out: Robert Tediek
Photography: Carly Wollaert

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