Since 1976, the Discotheque Lorre has been part of the Delft Student Society Phoenix. The space, which originally was designed as Bowling space for the society, was converted into a discotheque. With the last renovation dating back to 2005, Lorre now needed an intensive renovation due to the intensive use by the students. In addition to the possibility of making the location more sustainable, this also gave the opportunity to remodel the discotheque to the standards of today. In close cooperation with Barthold Thijssen Architects, Standard Studio has completed the entire design process from first sketch within 8 months until the opening of the new Academic year.

After the last renovation of Lorre in 2005, less and less was done to maintain the discotheque. In particular the floor, but also the walls, had a hard time under the predominantly wet conditions. Add to this the fact that the drainage, and the locations of the toilets, left something to be desired, along with many other points, and it meant that the entire space had to be renovated. This was the starting point for the design to see if the layout of the disco still functioned properly and to formulate what could be improved. By discussing each of the elements, almost each function has changed in  position have been changed within the layout. An example of this is that you no longer have to go through the row at the bar towards the toilet. In the new design a new clear routing was the starting point for the further design.

Largest intervention is the changed overall orientation of the discotheque. Where the dance floor used to be the center of the discotheque, nowdays it is the DJ that is central focal point. This is translated by placing the DJ booth centrally in the middle of the room. A wide dance floor is thus created with a long bar across the booth. By designing and removing a number of architectural walls we were able to desig the new structural portals as hangouts. This opened up the entire space and connects all visual relationships, which are very important to us since it is all about being flirty and being seen. The hangouts around the columns ensure that the space from the start of the evening looks cozy and crowded and also creates a naturally smooth transition between dance floor and the bar.

In addition to this horizontal connection, we also greatly strengthened the vertical connections within Lorre. By making a void, which formerly had a random form, in a big straight open form, a clear relationship between the mezzanine and the dance floor is created. By having an elevated stage on which the DJ is also located, people literally come closer together, which activates the space above much better. By working in the large void with LED lines the height from the dance floor is strengthened and the mezzanine is more connected to the dance floor.


Address: Phoenixstraat 30
Client: Delftsch Studenten Corps
Interior design: Standard Studio icw.
Barthold Thijssen Architects


Design: 2018
Construction: 2018
Contractor: Koers Groep B.V.
Interior fit-out: Meyer Jachtbetimmeringen
Lighting: RF Shows
Photography: Wouter van der Sar