Since 1976, the Discotheque Lorre has been part of the Delft Student Society Phoenix. The space, which originally was designed as Bowling space for the society, was converted into a discotheque. With the last renovation dating back to 2005, Lorre now needed an intensive renovation due to the intensive use by the students. In addition to the possibility of making the location more sustainable, this also gave the opportunity to remodel the discotheque to the standards of today. In close cooperation with Barthold Thijssen Architects, Standard Studio has completed the entire design process from first sketch within 8 months until the opening of the new Academic year.

For students some things will never change like to meet new interesting people. One of the best places to have this interchange is going out, and what works better than their students own disco? Central in the design was to make eye contact at every time, so you can flirt, but also to keep an eye when people become drunk. Also this concept worked for us so we could make the club hufter proof. The entire bottom part of the club is made of a black water resistant strong epoxy which is highly durable since the heavy use of the club. On eye height a happy wallpaper starring the Lorre, a parrot, gives a nice background to all people’s faces which is strengthened by warm lighting.


Address: Phoenixstraat 30
Client: Delftsch Studenten Corps
Interior design: Standard Studio icw.
Barthold Thijssen Architects


Design: 2018
Construction: 2018
Contractor: Koers Groep B.V.
Interior fit-out: Meyer Jachtbetimmeringen
Lighting: RF Shows
Photography: Wouter van der Sar