Dostojevskisingel apartment – Amsterdam

Dostojevskisingel apartment Amsterdam

In 2020 Standard Studio was asked to make an interior design for an apartment located at the Dostojevskisingel in Amsterdam. The clients wish was to have a compact but spacious apartment for two persons that have an irregular time schedule during the day.

When one of the two sleeps the other person is awake, and the other way around. The solution to this was to make a square shaped volume in the middle of the apartment, separating the bedroom from the livingroom. Inside the square shaped volue you find the kitchen that can be used from both sides and it can be closed with sliding doors. This way the livingroom could be used like you would do normally: it can be noisey sometimes. Because there is always a space in between the living and the bedroom the noise is reduced to a minimum. Another advantage is the light that is able to enter the apartment along the sidewalls. When both persons are awake all the slidingdoors can be opened leaving a superbright and light apartment.

The volume that separates the main spaces of the apartment holds all functions needed in an apartment: entrance cabinet, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet space. Everything is integrated in the main volume and can be accessed by opening or closing sliding panels that slide into the volume. When all doors are opened the main spaces flow into each other and create a spacious feeling. When closed the spaces become more private giving the users the opportunity to have their own private area.

While the core and shell of this apartment is finished in a quite simple way money is saved to be spent on the main volume, where it is converted into smart solutions to add functionality to the main volume making it more versatile and smart. ~Evrything is integrated in the main volume. Elements like the sliding doors and cabinets are almost not visible when not used.


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